In 2016, Samson Learn, an east coast, transgender photographer and filmmaker, embarked on a 6500km+ cross country journey. Driving from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Tofino, British Columbia with over 30 scheduled stops on his way, Samson met and interviewed numerous transgender, gender variant, non-conforming and gender expressive community members countrywide. Collected photographs are all part of this insightful and authentic portrait documentary  and the project continues today as a growing collection.

Accessibility to information, resources and peer support and huge factors in safe transitions and expression. These portraits and stories can serve as a resource to trans and cis folks and will highlight the importance of and the diversity within trans communities across Canada. There is strength in understanding and inclusion; our hope is to broaden the trans narrative in the eyes of the cis-world but to also strengthen the self-pride and community bonds that hold our trans communities all across Canada tightly together.


Samson Learn




Jake Ivany